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The Biggest Mistakes Home Sellers Make

These are common mistakes we see sellers making when selling there home!

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#1 Only accepting highest offer

Highest isn’t always best, It’s common in many traditional sales to have contingencies. These are conditions that must be satisfied for the sale to close. You may have contingencies that protect the buyer’s interests like a financing contingency or an inspection contingency.

#2 Picking The Wrong Agent

You decided to list with your aunt or with your friend that just got in the business. You paid no attention to their experience or what they do to market a home. Maybe not the best idea, Just like with any profession, there are good real estate agents and there are bad real estate agents. It is important to interview multiple real estate agents and don’t be afraid to ask real estate agents what they can offer that is different from the rest. Having the right agent will ensure a smooth and successful home sale

#3 Selling Your Home By Yourself (For Sale By Owner)

This is a big one. While you are saving on paying a realtor commissions, you are likely leaving a whole lot more money on the table. The latest stats show that FSBO’s sell on average $24,000 less than homes listed with an agent. Most sellers already know it’s a mistake to sell solo. Last year, less than 10% of all sellers sold their home by themselves compared to the 90% who used an agent.

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Dana Gillentine

Dana is an expert it marketing and social media, keeping up with the newest trends and content, Dana will help give your listing the competitive edge over other listings. As part of our full marketing program, dana will make professional marketing flyers, brochures, and social media posts. Growing up in the industry, Dana know how important it is to give your home the best first impression when buyers are searching for homes, that is why she strives for top tier marketing for all our listings!

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