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Myths About Joining A Real Estate Team


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Myths About Joining A Real Estate Team

There are many benefits to joining a real estate team that brokers don’t tell you. We explain some of the common myths that get thrown around about joining a real estate team. Our team has created more wealth for our agents while providing them with professional assistance and real estate education

#1 You as an agent get no publicity

Many agents believe when your on a team the owners name goes on the sign and therefore you get no attention to you as an agent. On the 918HomeTeam we feature our agents while having our team be the backbone of the sale. similar to how individual agents have a broker’s logo like “Keller Williams Realty” by there name. All of our agents have a sign rider with their contact info on all of their listings

#2 You wont make any money

When you join a real estate team the world of leverage opens up, suddenly you have transaction coordinators, marketing assistants, and team leaders working and helping you through every transaction. Solo agents are forced to juggle all of these jobs which takes away precious time for money making activities like working deals and getting new listings.

More money making activities = More Money

#3 You won’t gain any skills

One of the many benefits to joining a team is access to the huge data base of shared knowledge, a real estate team has more resources for education, premium content creation tools, books, and professional coaches that solo agents normally do not have the resources for. The knowledge gained by being on a real estate team can be extremely powerful in upgrading your skills in real estate

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Dana Gillentine

Dana is an expert it marketing and social media, keeping up with the newest trends and content, Dana will help give your listing the competitive edge over other listings. As part of our full marketing program, dana will make professional marketing flyers, brochures, and social media posts. Growing up in the industry, Dana know how important it is to give your home the best first impression when buyers are searching for homes, that is why she strives for top tier marketing for all our listings!

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