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How to start investing in real estate

There is a lot of money to be made in real estate, the way investors make money in real estate can vary greatly. When it comes to real estate it is important to research the different investment opportunities and what you think will fit best for you. Tulsa’s real estate market is booming for sellers, however, a great investor can find good deals in any market. Here are some tips on what real estate you should focus on investing in:

  1. Main goal is CASH FLOW

The goal to investing is to have the biggest ROI (return on investment) as possible, for the best investors their ROI is infinite (100%) meaning they have ZERO of their own money in the deal and they make only profit on the investment. If you are interested in buying a real estate investment it is important to understand the idea of cash flow. Most people think of flipping houses when you think of real estate investments, however, holding and renting a home to a tenant is the best way to generate positive cash flow. when you flip and sell a home you only get the profit of the home sale. Whenever you have a tenant you have a tenant paying off your mortgage while also making a profit every month.

Heres an example of how cash flow works in real estate investing:

2. Finding The Best Deal

When you are looking for an investment deal it is important to not get attached to one listing or idea, Robert Kiyosaki, author of rich dad poor dad discusses how he got started in real estate when he was just a beginner. He shared how he usually will look at OVER 100 HOUSES before he finds the best deal. Many beginners find a deal they think is perfect before they even get a chance to really scope out the area, then do whatever they can to make that deal go through which in the end can make you lose cash flow, which again is the key to making money in real estate CASH FLOW= INFINITE MONEY

3. Learn about Taxes

You should have an abundance of tax knowledge before getting started in any kind of investing, in school taxes are not taught, this is what the most wealthy people learn that separates them and makes them millions. Investments can be a great way to offset taxed income into non taxable income. Ordinary income is taxed at 30% if you are financially educated will be able to have your money working for you to make more money TAX FREE

Want to learn more? Heres some books for learning financial education..remember the more you know about money the easier it will be to have money working for you

Remember to have fun and be open to learning new things everyday in your real estate investing journey, besides who doesn’t have fun making money! Want to learn more about real estate investing or work alongside our team? Fill out the form below to schedule a business meeting with the top real estate agents in Tulsa

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